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Welcome to my homepage !

About me and my hobby - egg carving

A warm welcome to my homepage 'Egg Carving'.

Well, I first found out about egg carving in 2011 when I read an article in a crafts magazine. Literally I thought:'' I need to learn that...''.

I first tried to carve eggs at a huge drilling machine and I was so very happy when I finally finished two goose eggs that were not broken.

But I rather quickly realized that I needed to use another drilling machine. So I had to figure out what kind I wanted to use. I first started with a small drilling machine.

Well, since then my passion for carving eggs has not become smaller, it grew even bigger and stronger.

I have been carving many different egg shells and each of them has been a challenge for me because each egg is one of a kind.

All the egg shells I use are bought from farms. I'd never take away an egg out of a bird's nest in nature.

Please, let me thank all those people who have always encouraged me and trusted in my skills and ideas.

This homepage will likely never be 'complete'. There are still so many ideas I want to '''give birth to''.


Enjoy my egg creations. Please feel free to contact me if there arise any questions or suggestions. I would love to answer them.



Kerstin Rath

Straussenei, ostrich egg, carving, Kerstin Rath,

Roses Lamp - Christmas Gift



Straussenei, ostrich egg, carving, Kerstin Rath,

Roses Basket filigree